Initiative group “Right to choose”

When state institutions stop working, they are replaced by civil society institutions. If a huge army of officials and civil servants is, at best, unable to solve the pressing problems of society (and at worst, deliberately exacerbates these problems), people inevitably begin to solve them themselves. If the Ministry of Emergency Situations cannot extinguish forest fires, volunteer fire brigades arise. If the Ministry of Health is not able to provide treatment for seriously ill children, charitable foundations arise that collect funds for their treatment. If election commissions of all levels do not prevent election fraud (and often they themselves participate in them), initiative groups arise that independently organize the counting of votes.

After December 4, when it became known from dozens of observers that the election results published by the CEC did not correspond to the data recorded in the protocols at the polling stations, a natural question arose: what would the election results be if the GAS-Vybory system had Are the correct numbers entered? Several people, driven not only by civic outrage, but also by purely exploratory curiosity, decided to try to answer this question by collecting all the protocols from the polling stations in St. Petersburg. You can see the results of their work on this site. All work on collecting and photographing protocols, entering data and calculating the results was done by volunteers and took about a month and a half.

We do not draw conclusions – we simply present the facts. Conclusions from them, in a normal situation, should be done by the courts and law enforcement agencies. If it turns out that these institutions are unable or unwilling to fulfill their duties, most likely, civil society will take over their functions.

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Let’s take back the right to choose!

Copies of missing protocols and other documents confirming or refuting the facts of falsification at specific sites, you can send to . Please include your contact details in the email. We will consider only materials that come from non-anonymous sources.